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* INFLIBNET & DELNET   ** SSC/PSC/Rail/Bank etc.

Journal Subscribed (Library section wise)

Journal Name Location Journal Name Location
01) Bulletin Of Materials ScienceUG Library 02) Chemical ScienceUG Library
03) Current ScienceUG Library 04) DevelopmentUG Library
05) Economic And Political WeeklyUG Library 06) Eirc NewsUG Library
07) Indian Educational ReviewUG Library 08) Journal Of BioscienceUG Library
09) Journal Of Earth System ScienceUG Library 10) Journal Of GeneticsUG Library
11) Pramana: Journal Of PhysicsUG Library 12) Proceedings Mathematical ScienceUG Library
13) ResonanceUG Library 14) SadhanaUG Library
15) Science CultureUG Library 16) Science ReporterUG Library
17) The Chartered AccountantUG Library 18) The Management AccountantUG Library
19) The Professional GeographersUG Library 20) University NewsUG Library
21) YozanaUG Library 22) Bengal past and present PG Library
23) Eduquest PG Library 24) HistoriaPG Library
25) India journal of special educationPG Library 26) Indian educational review PG Library
27) Journal of Asiatic SocietyPG Library 28) Journal of educationPG Library
29) Journal of education planning and administrationPG Library 30) The quarterly review of historical studiesPG Library
31) University newsPG Library 32) অক্ষরপাতPG Library
33) ইতিকথাPG Library 34) জলার্কPG Library
35) বাংলা সাহিত্য পত্রিকাPG Library 36) মধ্যযুগের বাঙলা সাহিত্যPG Library
* The total number of journal titles subscribed is thirty three (33)
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